Jack of All Trades! But a Master at What?

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog! I know it has been a minute since I have posted a blog and a lot has happened since my last post! Before I dive into my next adventure here are a couple pictures of where I have been and what I have been doing:

Now that I have caught you up let's get into why I am currently swimming in a sea of logistics. Last week I completed my pre-travel training in Washington D.C.! During the five-day training 10 fellows, including myself, learned about nonprofit management, monitoring and evaluation, videography, photography, website building, podcasting, and blogging. I think it’s safe to say that we are now a jack of all trades!

2018 Peace Fellows

This summer I will use these skills as a field officer with Care for Women Nepal (CWN) located in Dhankuta, Nepal. The mission of CWN is to improve health care access for women through their annual women’s health camp. The two-day health camp screens for uterine prolapse, a health issue prevalent among women in Nepal. For many of the women traveling from surrounding areas of Dhankuta, this is their only opportunity to receive health care services. CWN covers the cost of surgery and treatment for women that are in need of surgery for uterine prolapse including travel expenses.

My goal is to tell the stories of the people behind CWN and the individuals benefiting from their work. Throughout my journey, my blog will become a mix of my personal experiences and the stories of the individuals I connect with. My philosophy on making a global impact focuses on making connections. I believe that many people focus on differences when interacting with others but I personally like looking for similarities. Genuine connections and standing up for one another is my formula to making a global social justice impact through the stories of the individuals I encounter. In order to achieve this goal, I must figure out which platform I will master. Below you will find my first attempts at trying to figure out my platform during training last week.

My first videography and third editing project:

My first podcast. Click the picture to listen:

Honestly, I like both platforms as of right now!

Pre-Trip Q&A:

Why am I excited to go to Nepal? For almost a decade during my undergraduate and graduate studies, I have focused heavily on human rights and infectious disease. Through this fellowship, I will be able to apply the skills I have obtained in the real world! This is also my first time traveling to Southeast Asia.

Why am I nervous about going to Nepal? This opportunity will serve as a test to see if working in the non-governmental organization world is really for me.

What is uterine prolapse? Click here to find out!

Pack your bags cause we're off to Nepal!

Find out how I packed for Nepal here!

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