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Updated: Feb 8, 2019

“I wrote this while 30,000 feet in the air! Stewardess complementing me on my nappy hair.” -Kendrick Lamar (I really did write this on my plane ride to Nepal)

Packing can be tricky. But packing for a two and a half month trip can be even trickier! Especially for a part of the world, you have never been to. Check out my video on how I packed my backpack for my trip to Nepal:

Per the advice of the previous fellow that traveled to my fellowship destination in rural Nepal the best luggage to bring on this trip is a backpack. When finding this out my first instinct was to go online and just buy a cute big backpack from Amazon but thankfully one of my friends advised me that doing that was not a great idea; 1) Because I needed to make sure the backpack fits me properly and 2) I needed to make sure that my things would fit. With my lovely friend’s advisement, we started my backpack search at REI and found the right size backpack to support my back and belongings. After price comparing, I found my backpack on sale at Paragon.

The backpack that is joining me on my journey is a Gregory 70 Deva.

Most of the supplies I am bringing I ordered from Amazon. I stuck with travel size (less than 3 ounces for liquids) products to make more room in my bag. I will wash clothes as I go and before I leave Nepal I will leave that I no longer need an donate them to make room for souvenirs that I buy.


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