Traveling Solo: Some Call it Crazy. I Call it Liberating!

I have been preaching this for years! If you want to go somewhere go!!! Even if that means going by yourself. Here are my reasons why you should travel solo and some tips on how you can get ready to go!

Munich, Germany

Why you should travel by yourself.

-You get to know yourself!

-You have the freedom to go where you want whenever you want!

-You get the chance to get outside of your comfort zone and meet new people. (If you want to.)

Get your mind right! Listen to my podcast to get your mind right to travel solo!

Rome, Italy

(Most of the information below is for travelers from the US. If you have tips for non US citizens I invite you to share tips in the comments section!)

How you can travel by yourself.

  • Got a passport? If you have a passport make sure it will not expire soon! If you don’t have a passport go to your local US Post Office to get one! This may take a couple months so plan ahead!

  • Do you need a visa? The answer to this question depends on where you are going, why you are going, and how long you plan on staying. Checkout this website to find out more about visas! You may also check the US embassy’s website of your travel destination.

  • Book your flight. There are thousands of Airlines and ticket booking companies but these are the top two sites I use: Skyscanner, Just Air Ticket. Since these are secondary sites I usually find affordable tickets then got to the airline website and book the flight. Some airlines will overbook flights using secondary booking sites. Meaning you might not have a seat if the flight is completely booked.

  • Book your accommodation. Here are some affordable sights to check out: Couchsurfing, AirBNB, Hostels, Trip Advisor, and Groupon (Great for package deals).

  • Travel safe! Do your research before you go to see if your destination is safe to travel. You may also register with the US Embassy at your destination incase something goes down during your trip! Always let someone know that you will be going on a trip! Set up systems incase you need help while traveling! (Let someone know your flight information, accommodation, and itinerary)

  • Pack light, pack right! Need advice on packing? Check out my blog post!

  • When you’re there. Here are some sites to find a tour and start planning what you will do during your trip: Sandemans New Europe (they have tours across the globe), Trip Advisor, Groupon, and City Sightseeing.

  • Have fun!!!

Cape Town, South Africa

Crushing those myths.

  • What if I get lonely: You are never really alone unless you want to be! Go make a friend! Check out the when you’re there section!

  • But it’s not safe: Safety is very important! You should check and see if there are any safety warnings for the area you are traveling. If where you want to go is deemed overall safe, don’t let fear stop you from life experiences!

  • What if I get lost: If you won’t have data on your phone while in a different country a paper map or google maps will be your best friend when you have WIFI! Before going somewhere look up your destination and screen shot the map and directions. This is helpful if reading a map isn’t really your thing. Also casually looking at your phone helps you not stick out if you are worried about safety!

  • Who will take my pictures: Contrary to popular belief there is nothing wrong with a selfie! You can also have someone else take your picture. Finding a fellow tourist to snap a quick pic isn’t hard! Don’t forget you manners an offer to also take their picture! (This is what I did for all the pictures in this post)

London, United Kingdom

No matter your destination, traveling solo can be so much fun! If there is a place you want to go in the world just go! Don't wait for life to pass you by!

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